New! Winter 2018 Cocktails

Change isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to NEW cocktails! Baker & Wife is rolling out a new cocktail menu to gear up for this upcoming winter season. On the new cocktail menu there is a section for every palate from “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” to “One Bourbon, One Scotch” -each section named after a popular song. Classics like the Cucumber Basil Gimlet and Old Fashioned will remain staples on the menu, but will have to move over to make some room for new additions. Here are a few cocktail menu highlights and items for the next time you visit Baker & Wife.









Like A Virgin:

Now, you can enjoy a unparalleled creation made by our very own mixologist, Uldis without catching a buzz. Baker & Wife brings the Shirley Temple back to its roots by using ginger-ale as a main ingredient instead of the popular modern choice, 7-up. Baker & Wife is also creating a Virgin Mojito with apple juice to give the virgin drink the sweetness that it craves.

If you are feeling like a more fancy virgin drink, the Orange Freshness is perfect to refresh you after a long day. The Orange Freshness is made with orange juice, pineapple, mint and served in a wine glass, garnished to perfection.










Fresh Fruit Margarita

The new cocktail menu is offering several new frozen cocktails like the Hemingway Daiquiri, Fresh Fruit Margarita and the Fresh Fruit Daiquiri. The Fresh Fruit Margarita and Daiquiris are made with local seasonal fruits for a natural sweetness, with lime juice added for a complimentary tart.   

Try our new drink menu this weekend for a date night!

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