About Baker & Wife

BAKER & WIFE is a comfortable, casual cafe committed to fresh, high-quality food and driven by our passion for handcrafted cuisine and cocktails.

Inspiration is sourced globally, ingredients are sourced locally.

This unique perspective on comfort food is the epitome of baker & wife: simple, delicious, and it just feels good.


Isaac Correa

Isaac Correa

Isaac Correa’s culinary career began early, spurred on by his Puerto Rican parents and their love and respect for quality and tradition. Growing up in New York City’s lower eastside, and its multicultural food scene, Chef Correa drew inspiration to further develop his culinary skills.

Correa’s culinary repertoire flourished during an internship under Chef Richard Gaimaro at the hot spot owned by Howard Steins, ‘La Prima Donna.’ His next role was at David Liederman’s, French restaurant ‘Chez Louis’ as Chef de Partie, where he developed and refined his culinary techniques. He would eventually make his way through some of the most cutting edge, high end restaurants in New York City. Restaurants like The Palio, working as saucier under the direction of the famous and innovative Andreas Hellrigl. ‘Zoe’ in soho NYC, working under chef Stephen Levine. ‘The NOHO Star’ and finally ‘The Bowery Bar & Grill’

In 1994, at age 27, Correa decided to take his culinary skills to Moscow Russia. There he would meet his culinary mentor chef Lenard Rubin, who would help him find confidence in his calling for food and restaurant business. What was going to be a two week trip, turned into two decades. Chef Isaac opened and managed over 5 restaurants for Rostik International, which included the opening of the first two TGIFridays and other international brands.

In the fall of 2003, Correa opened a ten table café/deli in Moscow which would take the city of Moscow by storm. It would develop into a chain of over six stores, under the brand “Correas.” By the end of his 20 year stint in Moscow, Correa would leave a significant imprint on the Culinary food scene which remains there to this day.

Today, Chef Isaac Correa can be found at his own restaurant ‘Baker & Wife’ in Sarasota, Florida. He is also does restaurant consulting in the United States as well as abroad; spearheading new projects and revamping existing concepts. In the last 5 years he has helped Restaurateurs and young entrepreneurs realize their dreams, opening projects in Tblisigergia, Kiev Ukraine, and Dnepeprtosk. Currently Chef Isaac is working on new projects in NYC and LA, and always looking to expand his horizons with new travels and culinary challenges.


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