January Specials


Have you stopped in to see your friendly neighborhood Baker & Wife lately? If you haven’t, we have several reasons why you should! This month’s specials are all about pairing fierce flavors together for amazing dishes that leave you feeling satisfied… and wowed!

Try our twist on the great American classic Mac N’ Cheese… which usually needs no introduction. BUT, of course, we added a Baker & Wife twist!  It’s a perfect appetizer portion, so everyone at the table can have a bite… or not, if you don’t feel like sharing!

Or in this case… Baker & Pinki’s Burnt Ends Mac N’ Cheese, named after our friend Chef Jose, owner of Pinki Food Truck. Shell pasta is smothered in a combination of smoked Gouda, Gruyere & Parmesan cheeses… covered with tender smoked brisket & pork loin ends… topped with local mushrooms & finished off with a dollop of bacon onion jam. All of the above is layered lovingly in a cast iron skillet, kissed by fire in our wood hearth to lock in the delicious smoky flavor, ensuring you never crave ordinary Mac N’ Cheese again.









If you are in the mood for something more protein-rich and exotic, our Lamb Shank Tagine marries traditional earthy Moroccan spices with sweet, fruity accents. A delectable lamb shank is roasted with dried apricots, parsnips, toasted buckwheat, Shiitake mushrooms, pomegranate & toasted Brazil nuts. The sweetness of the pomegranate & apricots compliment the savory, gamey lamb flavors in this north African inspired entree.

After the main course, you’ve gotta finish with our tantalizing Chocolate Chilli Ice Cream. Spicy & sweet flavors will leave you feeling truly satisfied, with the ancient flavor combination of chocolate and chilli powder that was a staple of Mayan and Aztec cooking tradition. Perfect for these Floridian “chili” days, expand your chocolate horizons by trying this dessert special before it’s gone!

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