2018 Pizza Classes Recap

Baker & Wife had our premiere Pizza Class at the end of August to share Chef and Owner Isaac Correa’s passion for creating cuisine with our guests. After three classes sold out in a matter of days, we decided to continue our classes for Sarasota pizza enthusiasts. 









In celebration of the Pizza Class’ success, we thought we should share some memorable pictures of our pizza students to share the joy!









Laughs, memories and knowledge of baking a homemade pizza to perfection were shared by all ages at Baker & Wife.









We have been overwhelmed with happiness with the popularity of these Pizza Classes. Baker & Wife was ecstatic to see the enthusiasm of our Pizza Students, knowing we were are part of a memory that would last a lifetime.









If you wanted to attend this class and didn’t have an opportunity- no worries. Private Pizza Classes will be available after the new year. To stay updated with special events and future 2019 Pizza Classes, follow us on social media to be the first to know!

To view the rest of the photos, click to find the rest of the Pizza Class Gallery, here.


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